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11 March
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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Dancing - if you have never been to a salsa club (and I mean a proper club and not just a lesson in a hall somewhere) then you should go at once - it is the mast fantastic atmosphere you will every find.
And if you do other dance styles on the way then that's good too.

Castles - I plan to visit as many as possible. Hopefully some day, all of them in the UK. Not sure that I will actually manage it.

Viola - I have been playing for 10 years now, but I could still do with a lot of improvement. Things have gone downhill since I came to uni and no longer have lessons, but I love to play so I keep going and playing for me, which is what really important.

- Sailing and windsurfing - great sports that I think everyone should take up. These are holiday only things for me, due to the lack of water where I am (even though we get lots of rain).

Books, TV and Film

Harry Potter . The Dresden Files . The Princess Bride . The Dark is Rising . The Thief . The Queen of Attolia . The Runaway Jury . Tipping The Velvet . Farehhight 451 . The Black Magicians Trilogy . The Age of Five . Serenity . Stage Beauty . The Watcher . Billy Elliot . Kinky Boots . The Thomas Crown Affair . James Bond . The Sound of Music . Shrek . Bridget Jones's Diary . Scrubs . Cutting It . The Vicar of Dibley . Stargate SG-1 . Stargate Atlantis . Roswell . Torchwood . Doctor Who . The L Word . Smallville . Dead Like Me . Sugar Rush . Roswell . Queer as Folk . Medium


Torchwood . Harry Potter . Stargate SG-1 . Stargate Atlantis . Smallville . Merlin . The Dark is Rising . OTP is Sheppard/Mckay, Merlin/Arthur, Harry/Draco, Lex/Clark, Jack/Ianto and Jack/Daniel. It's pointless to say that they are not together. There will never be a way for you to convince me. Slash all the way. And now in Torchwood I have actual canon for Jack/Ianto! Much Torchwood love.
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Think you can, think you can't; either way, you'll be right.
-- Henry Ford

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